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Attendee Report by J: June 2023 party

An attendee wrote an attendee review of his first party. With his permission I’m posting his writeup on the blog. Thanks for the writeup and the kind words! I invite all attendees to send in writeups too! [Read more...]

Enter the Goon Cave (Vice article)

Vice published an article about goon caves. Enter the Goon Cave, Where Porn and Masturbation Is All That Exists by Samantha Cole Check it out!

Attendee Report by Oncblu: October 2022 party

Oncbluu is back! You may remember him from the blog post he wrote of his first time attending an RPM party back in July 2022 party . He’s back with his review of the October 2023 party in Edison, NJ Thanks for the writeup and the kind words, Oncbluu! I invite everyone to send in writeups too! As this post proves, it’s never too late! [Read more...]