The Real Porn Meets Discord Server is the main hangout for the host, attendees, and future attendees.

Join by clicking here:

  • Have questions about the party?
  • Want to chat with party goers ahead of time?
  • Interested in creating new parties in your area?

Everyone (18+) is welcome! Straight, bi, curious, gay, or undecided; occasional strokers, porn-addicts, solosexuals, pornosexuals, sissies, trans, tops, bottoms, switches;regular people, curious guys, and and every-day people too! YOU!

Discord Server Rules:

The server for guys that want to meet and jo/goon. It is mostly for making plans, not gooning.


  1. This server is 18+ only and is NFSW.
  2. No underage/illegal content under ANY circumstances, violating this rule will result in an immediate ban from the server.
  3. Stroke your dick, don’t be one! This isn’t the place for hate, including racism, homophobia/transphobia, sexism/misogyny, or overall bigotry & un-brotherly behavior.
  4. Channels that are for a specific event: Only discussions related to the event. If you aren’t attending that event, please do not participate.
  5. If you are definitely attending an event, it would be awesome if you could change your name to include that. Ex: MyName [NYC Feb 2]


#rulesAnnouncements and rules
#welcomeAutomated introductions of new people
#questions-and-answersask about the events or plan new ones!
#2019-*channels discussing upcoming events
#meetups-*for finding local bate buds for 1:1s and more
#dm-requests-and-moreLooking for online fun
#fantasiesNSFW discussions about our desires (no pics, please)