Recap of the Saturday, Dec 11, 2021 field trip to Fair Theater, Astoria, Queens, NY.


Rather than hosting a party we went to someone else’s venue: an adult (porn) theater in Astoria, Queens. It was less work to organize and plan, but the venue was gross. I don’t think I’ll go back. That said, a lot of sexy stuff happened.

What happened

First we walked around a bit. There were 2 areas showing trans porn, 2 showing gay porn, 2 showing straight porn. Some of these areas were hallways with a projector and a few rows of chairs; others were bigger rooms with many rows of chairs. None were theater-style seats, just regular chairs. The chairs were always locked to the floor, but in the larger straight room the chairs swiveled. That means we could turn a few to make playing easier.

The theater is disgustingly dirty. I had the stench of it on my fingers even after washing them. I’m glad I brought a towel to kneel on because the floor was filthy. Most of the guys were clean but a few could use a shower.

The porn they played was 1990s DVDs in a loop. It was really bad. I don’t know if you remember 1990s porn, but the lighting was terrible, the camera work was embarassing, and it wasn’t HD. Also, the sex performance was painfully bad… it reminded me of the bad sex I had in high school (all my fault… I had great partners). At least in today’s porn everyone looks like they know what they’re doing and want to be there. Worst of all was the constant use of voice-overs to move the plot forward or to tell us what the actresses were thinking.

I was surprised there wasn’t a lot of jerking off in the theaters. Guys mostly watched the screen without jerking! Yes, occasionally some playing would happen. I expected a lot more stroking.

And… playing certainly did happen. The protocol seemed to be if you sat in your chair with your cock out, you were asking to be sucked. Guys who were interested would kneel and get to work. If you didn’t have your cock out, it was assumed you were offering to suck, and guys would stand close to you and make it obvious they wanted you to unzip them.

Guys… Sigh. When will they learn to communicate verbally?

Alternatively you could stroke with one hand and hold your other hand out as if to say, “come closer and I’ll play with your cock” usually someone would walk up to you, crotch to your hand, and eventually you’d be stroking it or sucking it. One guy sucked 5 guys in a row that way, then came back for more later!

One guy was dressed in an 80’s rag-style t-shirt and ripped shorts. He spent the entire night bent over a chair with his ass sticking out; no clothes covering his muscular ass. At least three times I witnessed someone walk up to him, put on a condom, and fuck his ass. The guy knew what he wanted and was getting it.

One guy, who I’ll call Mr. Amazing Mouth, was slumped down on his chair with his head at crotch height, sucking a line of guys. He was really getting off on being used. Guys were grabbing his head, fucking his throat, and he was solidly taking it. No complaints!

There was a moment where someone was standing, absolutely surrounded and getting pleasure from all over. He was fucking the sloppy throat of Mr. Amazing Mouth. Someone was behind him grinding on his ass. Two people were playing with his nipples. Finally he bent slightly forward and started sucking a cock. He was moaning loudly, talking dirty, and begging for more. I could hear people commenting how hot it was. It was a hot scene and seemed to last a good 15 minutes.

A black guy with a huge cock got sucked by a sissy then by a guy who had been watching. He came both times. His cock was veiny and thick… evenly thick its entire length. Just amazing huge. Both people worshipped it like their life depended on it.

I got so hard from watching that I edged to the (awful) porn for about an hour just playing it over and over in my mind.

Two women showed up. The first was a domme who brought 2 submissives. She was disgusted by the place and left. A male-female couple arrived. She looked terrified; rightfully so. I welcomed them and offered to answer any questions. They walked around a bit, watched some porn, and left. In both cases they had heard of the event through FetLife and were probably expecting more of a kinky club with strict consent and hygiene rules. This was the opposite.

More bad news…

  • No wifi
  • There were “buddy booths” but I didn’t explore that; saw some pros and I wasn’t interested.

Some good news…

  • I never saw anyone try to take a picture. There was no rules against cell phone use, but guys were just txting.
  • Lockers available to rent (I locked up my wallet, etc)
  • Snack machines, some even took credit cards.
  • Inexpensive hotels near by



I could see myself going back, but I wouldn’t coordinate another field trip. I want these adventures to be safer and less tacky. If you are adventurous and curious, try it out. If you go I have three suggestions: Don’t bring a woman. Bring very low expectations. Leave your self-respect at home.