Sadly I am recovering from Covid-19 and it wouldn’t be safe for me to host an in-person party. Therefore the Jersey City party will now be on-line.

Gooners! Solosexuals! Porn lovers and pornosexuals! You are invited to the next Real Porn Meets on-line party on Discord. Watch the stream and cam/mic/txt with your fellow gooners.

  • Date: Saturday, May 21, 2022
  • When: 6pm-midnight (Stop by for a quick cum or stay multiple hours!)
  • Who: str8/bi/sissy guys that like to watch porn and stroke (18+ only)
  • Location: the Real Porn Meets Discord

How to join?

  1. Join our Discord by clicking here:
  2. Go to the #rules channel and click to show you approve of the rules.
  3. Join the #virtual-party room, turn on your cam/mic, and join the fun! (The channel won’t exist until the party begins)
  4. If you have any questions, your host will be around to help!

What’s the online party like?

I’ll be playing the same videos I would have played at the regular party: Mostly str8 and bi videos, a lot of busy bimbos, sissy hypno, and more. Of course, I always take requests! (Legal porn only!)

Why the move online?

I’m recovering from Covid-19 and it wouldn’t yet be safe to be around me.

As I’ve said a million times, the #1 rule for my parties is safety. People can’t have fun if they don’t feel safe, people won’t come back if they aren’t safe. Safety includes covid safety. Nobody should get sick from jerking off.

So, where does that leave the party? Based on my doctor’s advice, I’m probably still going to be contagious by Saturday. I can’t ethically host a party if I’m putting people at risk.

This month we’ll replace the party with an on-line event.

When will in-person parties return?

I don’t know. With covid rates rising, it could be a long time from now.