Someone asked “How do your events usually go?” Here is my unhyped, rather sterile, answer.

  1. I show up early to the hotel with 2 big screens, some laptops, and extra-long HDMI cables. Along with the hotel-provided screen, I create a “wall of porn”. I set up most screens to just stream pre-programmed stuff or discord streams. The largest screen is the one I control from the bed so that I can take requests, and respond to the audience’s reactions. If I don’t get requests I default to bimbos, big fake tits, PMVs and sissy hypno. I particularly love introducing guys to sissy hypno.

  2. Guys start to arrive. I answer the door, give them a wristband (red = don’t touch me / don’t even ask; yellow = unsure / ask; green = ask me, I wanna play). Some guys keep their clothes on, others get naked. Whatever floats their boat.

  3. The chairs and beds fill up with guys jerking off. Eventually guys “buddy stroke” (stroke each other). There’s usually a few blowjobs.

  4. Usually at least one guy and/or sissy shows up hoping to suck many cocks. We try to accomodate.

  5. Some guys cum and leave quickly. Others stay for hours. As a result the room alternates between being fairly empty, too full, fairly empty, too full. For long parties there’s usually peaks at 7pm and 9pm. The party usually dies down by 11.

  6. Zero cis-women show up. Trans and CDs show up. (What I’m trying to say is: Don’t come to these parties hoping to get pussy. It’s not that kind of party.)

  7. I sleep in the hotel (alone). In the morning I jerk off one more time, pack up, then head out.

What I do isn’t magic or special. Anyone can do it. I encourage other people to steal these ideas and host their own parties. Wouldn’t it be great if every city had a party like this every week?