Recap of the Saturday, Jul 23, 2022 party in Jersey City, New Jersey. Our 17th party!


The party was a success. There were 17 attendees, 16 guys and 1 woman. Everyone had a great time and, personally, I believe I enjoyed this party more than any of the past events. I think everyone else had a good time too! The porn was playing on 4 screens. There was much stroking (solo and buddy), a lot of oral, and we even had a woman watch us for a bit.

The next party will probably be in October. Make sure you follow the directions to get notified and I’ll see you there!

Table of contents


This was the second time at this hotel. That made setup a lot easier as I had a good idea what to expect. The hotel is clean, upscale, yet it’s private enough to keep the party on the DL. The elevator doesn’t require a cardkey, which is a requirement for parties like this.

The only problem with this hotel is the cost. It’s really expensive. I need to either have fewer parties or find a less expensive hotel. Sadly the hotels that are easy to get to from NYC (i.e. near a PATH station) are super expensive. Maybe I should set up a Patreon or GoFundMe.

About the RSVPs

I opened RSVPs early, which gave people 23 days to register. There were 84 RSVPs but only 17 people attended. Usually I would have predicted 30 people.

Why the large number of no-shows? I suspect that if someone RSVPs too early they forget about the event, or have changed their mind, or something came up. I send out email reminders but I don’t think that helps. My hunch is that people that RSVP in the lsat few days are more likely to show up. I should announce the date early, but not open the RSVPs until the week prior. What do you think?

Either way, I’m glad I assumed the turn-out would be low. Otherwise I would have had a LOT of left over pizza.

Here’s some stats about who RSVP’d. Remember that this has no relationship to who actually attended. I don’t ask people to fill out a survey when they arrive!

RSVP source:

  • Discord: 41%
  • Reddit: 25%
  • Fetlife: 25%
  • BateWorld: 10%

Conclusion: Discord is where most people hear about this.

How likely will you attend?

  • 0-60%: #######
  • 70%: #######
  • 80%: #######
  • 90%: ##
  • 100%: ####

Conclusion: People can’t predict how likely they will attend.

RSVP age groups:

  • 20s: ############
  • 30s: ##########
  • 40s: ####
  • 50s: ##

RSVP geographic:

  • NJ: Jersey City or near-by: 26%
  • New York: NYC (5 boroughs): 25%
  • NJ: Central or South: 15%
  • NJ: Northern: 13%
  • MA, MD, DE, PA, DC, CT: 12%
  • New York: Other: 3%

We actually got RSVPs from far away: Boston, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C, and Rhode Island! Of these, the person from Rhode Island attended. (Please DM me if I missed you!)

First timers:

  • First time attending a Real Porn Meets party: 73%
  • First time at any kind of sexual party: 57%

Conclusion: Everyone’s gotta be a first timer some time!

Sexual orientation: (self-disclosed)

  • I'm straight: 46%
  • I'm bi curious: 46%
  • I'm bi: 20%
  • I'm gay: 3%

Conclusion: Mostly straight.

About the attendees

There were a total of 17 attendees. The people in the room at any given time was 15, which means only one person left before the peak of the party. The bedroom (porn) area could really only hold 10-12 people comfortably and I could tell some people felt crowded. However some people spilled out into the living-room area which worked our really well. Next time I’ll probably set up a TV and a laptop in the living-room so people can be their own DJ.

Attendance peaked at 8pm to 9:30pm

  • 5pm: * 1 (just me!)
  • 6pm: ******* 7
  • 7pm: ******** 8 (sissy hypno hour)
  • 8pm: *************** 15
  • 9pm: *********** 11
  • 10pm: ***** 5
  • 11pm: ****** 6
  • 12pm: ****** 6
  • 1am: ***** 5
  • 2am: * 1 (just me!)

I wonder how sissy hypno hour affects attendance. Do people strive to arrive by 7pm so they don’t miss it? Do people avoid arriving until 8pm because they don’t want to see it? DM me with your thoughts.

The Setup

The room had the same layout as last time: When you enter there is a living-room with a couch and coffee table. This is “the chill space” and some people hung out there and watched porn together from there phones when the other room got crowded.

There was a curtain that split off the other half the room. This half had two beds, a chair, and a big video screen. Adding my two monitors and a laptop screen, there was a total of four screens.

At the previous party there was a big bench under the main TV. My screens sat on top of it. This time I moved that bench elsewhere in the room so that people could sit on it. My screens were on top of make-shift monitor stands.

The “before” picture:


Now, the room is transformed into the party space:

The living-room

Your view when you first arrive:

When you first arrive

I used the ironing board as the “welcome station” where you select your choice of colored wristbands:

Our famous wristbands

My view from the DJ station:

From where I sat

A bigger picture of the room layout:

The party room layout

What kind of porn?

What kind of porn was played? I didn’t keep a record, but I focused mostly on intense, quick-cuts, compilations, with loud, pounding music. I focused on big fake tits, bimbos, lesbians, gangbangs. Oh, and I mixed in a lot of trans porn, a lot of porn with captions encouraging you the viewer to lean into their porn addition, be a total gooner, and go deeper, and try cock.

From 7-8pm was “sissy hypno hour”. This is where I play nothing but the most intense mindmelting, hypnosis videos. I started out with some slower videos, ramping up the intensity. I found the more intense the videos, the more guys eyes were glued to the screens.

No matter how “gay” the porn got, I always had straight porn playing on one of the screens. About half the time it was lesbian or other porn without cocks. See? I’m very friendly to the straight straight straight guys that attend!

(Folks: please remember two things (1) there’s nothing more heterosexual than jerking off to porn; therefore jerking off in a room of guys is just… extra heterosexual. Get it? (2) It’s not gay if there’s boobs on the screen while you suck your buddy’s cock. I promise!)

As your Porn DJ, I take requests. I also will skip any video if someone asks. Nobody asked me to skip anything, which was a good sign. The requests I got included: face sitting, feet, cuckolding, lesbian, and bimbos.

I also played the new City Girls / Usher music video, “Good Love”. Why? Because it has more silicone than a lot of porn videos I played. Don’t believe me? Check out City Girls Ft. Usher - Good Love .

The timeline

3pm: I arrived at the hotel. It took 30 minutes to lug everything up to the room, move my car to the parking deck and get back.

Funny story: When checking in the person asked how many people will be in the room. I said two, and she reached into a box and handed me two cookies. I said to her, “oh, did I say 2? I meant… uhh… 50!” She really laughed hard at that one. (Benefit: If the hotel ever complained that I had too many people in the room, I could honestly claim I warned them there would be 50 people here!)

5:30pm: Everything is finally set up: the main video stuff, the additional screens, the welcome station, and so on. Officially the party started at 5pm but luckily only one person showed up on time.

6pm 5 people arrive, for a total of 7. There are now 7 people in the room. It’s fairly diverse, with about half the folks white, the rest African-American, Indian, or Asian. This ratio will basically be the same as people arrive.

Porn is playing and everyone seems to be having a good item. I’m using a new video player that lets me queue up songs. At past parties I used software that played one video at a time. This required me to wait for each video to end so I could rush start the next one. When I would leave the DJ area to answer the door, I would often return to find that the last video had ended and that screen was blank. It kind of ruined the party mood. That’s not good. With the new software, I would queue up videos so I was always 20-30 minutes ahead. This meant I could relax, be less rushed when greeting people, and generally have more fun.

It’s kind of minor but worth pointing out: Because I’m the only host, any time I start to play with someone I always stop to remind them that if someone knocks on the door, I’ll have to pause. Usually this got a knowing look or a laugh.

7pm: 8 people in the room.

People slowly trickle in. Sometimes multiple people arrive at the same time, which makes it easier for me to do the welcome process (covid check, wristband, review of the rules, etc.) as a group.

8pm: 15 people. It’s a bit crowded. 5 people are hanging in the living-room. They have their phones out and are sharing porn with each other.

9pm: People have started to leave. We now have 11 people, 3 in the living-room.

Between 8pm and 10pm there was a LOT of action. Two guys stroking each other, a number of blowjobs, some 3- and 4-way action. All “hj and bj” (penetration is not allowed).

10pm: A woman (“Roxy”, not her real name) who RSVP’d “just to watch” txt’ed me to ask if it’s ok to arrive late. At this point there are only 5 guys left (including me). I survey the group: “She won’t arrive until 11pm. Should I tell her the party will have ended by then or are you willing to sacrifice yourselves and stay a few more hours?” Amazingly enough, they were all willing to stick around! What luck!

11pm: Roxy arrives. She’s a good looking, tall, black bi cis women with a head full of braids. When she RSVP’d she included a note that she’d be “super respectful of the space”, just wanted to watch and “maybe rub myself in a corner LOL but that’s it.” Amazingly enough, the bench I mentioned earlier? It was in the corner, and it was free for her to lay down on… which she did!

I was at the opposite end of the room. I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable by staring at her but I did notice an interesting evolution. At first she was fully dressed, laying back on the bench watching the screens and the guys. Soon her top was off, exposing a plain white bra. She was rubbing her nipples through it. The next time I looked over, she had a hand up her skirt, and later her skirt was off.

I edged twice while she was there. It was the loud, bend your back and moan, stroke crazy fast, kind of edge that is rare for me. I hope she got a good view!

Around 12:15am she left but the guys just kept going. People didn’t leave until about 1am.

I was too hyped up to go to sleep. I watched some standup comedy on Netflix and was asleep by 2:3am.

When I woke up in the morning I was so horny I came once more.

It took over an hour to pack up and load the car. On a whim I returned to the room to make sure I hadn’t left anything. It was a good thing I did because I hadn’t taken down the signs that I had taped to the walls. Ooops!

The sexy part

Here’s some memories:

(This is all from memory. I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies. If there is something you want corrected or removed, please DM me.)

Everyone was jerking. Each bed fit 3-4 guys and there were a number of chairs. A few loud cummers too!

There was a decent amount of “helping hands” action. The green wristbands really send a signal. Likewise, people really respect the red (“don’ touch, don’t even ask”) wristbands. Yellow was the most popular color, as usual. I like that people can express their desires and intentions this way. I think only a few pink (I suck) and blue (suck me!) wristbands were requested.

So… yes, let’s get to the action!

At one point a guy was laying back on the bench, a red headed guy stroking him for what seemed like forever. And then later in the night I think I saw them going for another round. The red head seemed to be really into edging other people and seemed very good at it.

So many blowjobs! One of the first was a guy sitting in the office-style chair, another guy kneeling in front of him. The guy in the chair was watching porn as his cock was worshiped. The guy giving head basically wanted to suck as many people as possible. I hope he got his fill!

While sitting at the DJ station someone asked me if he could stroke me. Surprise, surprise! He was wearing a red wristband! I recalled that when he arrived at the party he was quite shy and confessed he had never been to a party like this, and in fact had never done anything sexual with anyone female or male. He said he didn’t want to be approached, but might want to approach others. I confirmed that the red wristband was the right option.

I was so proud that he got the courage to approach someone. I felt honored it was me. He lubed up and stroked me with one hand, then two. He had really nice hands and stroked me really well. I realized that the “sissy hypno hour” had just ended 3 minutes ago, so I asked him, “Did the hypno help?” He looked up at me and said, “Yes”. Thank you, sissy hypno hour!

I laid back and enjoyed his hands as I alternated between watching porn and watching him. Dude, if you’re reading this, you rock!

Blowjob Mints! Weeks ago a friend told me about these mints that make your mouth salivate. Obviously my first thought was my perverted mind had was, “that would be great for blowjobs!” I bought a pack of them and … oh my god! They worked really well. My mouth was wetter than wet. As I sucked a cock, my mouth felt like a waterfall. Sloppy like in those messy videos. I highly recommend them. I wonder if the company would sponsor the next party? Anyway… the brand is Flintts and I haven’t seen them in stores, only online at

There was an older, dad-looking guy on the bed with a yellow wristband. I asked if I could stroke him and he agreed. His cock was medium sized and fit really well in my hands. As he watched the porn I would stroke him faster and faster. Sometimes I would stroke in time with the fucking on the screen.

With the beds a bit crowded, some people decided to stand against the wall near me at the DJ station. Their cocks were at eye level, and that seemed like a good opportunity for me. One guy was African-American and had a very nice sized, uncircumcised, cock. He showed me how he likes to stroke himself, which I love!

It took 2 hands to really stroke him well. I don’t think anyone had edged him before because the look on his face was incredulous! I used a lot of lube (water-based) which made it fun to stroke and grind him. For a while I was encouraging him to fuck my hands like a pussy. I think he liked the verbal encouragement. I offered to blow him and he declined, which was fine because I was having so much fun taking him to the edge, backing off, taking him to the edge again, over and over. He stopped me before he came, and went to sit down.

A very hung African-American gentleman who attended the last party arrived and I was so happy to see him again. I had blown him last time and really wanted another shot at that cock. I remembered that he really likes bimbos so I queued up 20 minutes of bimbo porn and told him “keep you eyes on the bimbos” then went to work on his beautiful cock.

I worshipped it with my hands, then with my lips. I paused a minute to tell him some dirty bimbo thoughts that I thought he’d like. I returned to sucking him, working him deeper and deeper in my throat. With the help of Flintts, I was really going to town on his cock. Soon I had it completely down my throat. Soon he was moaning and I realized he was shooting his cum directly down my throat. As he pulled out I tasted no cum. It all went straight down my gullet.

I don’t want to make it sound like I was the only person playing. Plenty of other people were. I just have more to write about what I did.

I also noticed that the more some people played, the more other people played! That is, at the start of the party nobody was playing. I think nobody wanted to be the first. However, once one person started, everyone else seemed to take that as a signal. Hands first, then that BJ in the chair, and soon people were more at ease. I also think the wristbands really helped. The people that didn’t want to be approached felt confident they wouldn’t have to worry about fending off offers. The people in yellow (majority) and green (second most popular) wristbands knew who who wanted to be approached, which set everyone’s mind at ease.

About 30 minutes later the guy I had just blown was standing by me again. He wasn’t hard yet so I offered to help him. He was a bit surprised but agreed. I stroked him with 2 hands, using plenty of lube. Soon he was hard again. I can’t describe how good it feels to see this cock respond to my stroking. It’s huge, both long (9") and thick. It is thick the entire length.

Stroking turned to sucking. I was deep throating him, trying to teach myself to breath around that enormous shaft. I was developing a rhythm where I would alternate exhaling and inhaling on each out stroke. It’s difficult. Try it with a dildo some time!

With his cock in my mouth, I had a free hand. I offered to stroke the guy standing next to him and he welcomed it. Soon my mouth and hands were busy.

I felt a glowing energy in my body, the kind I only get when submitting and serving cock like pornosexual gooner hypno videos have encouraged me to do.

Guess what happened next? The red wristband guy from before offered to stroke me. Yes, please and thank you! His talented hands worked my cock as I stroked one cock and sucked the other. He used a lot of lube (which I love). I could feel this erotic heat emanating from my cock, filling my body.

I was feeling the pleasure of pleasing and the pleasure of being pleased at the same time. The happy glowing feeling filling my body, the hot erotic heat rewarding my senses. It was transcendent!

And the guy in my mouth came. Mostly down my throat but I pulled out so I could taste some. It was so delicious. Every guy… even if you are straight… should try tasting cum. How can you say you don’t like it if you haven’t tried? Pornosexuals and gooners should see what their favorite porn stars experience!

I saw a guy with a blue wristband (blue means “blow me!”) and I chatted him up a bit. “how many times did you cum today?”, I asked.

“Today or just at the party?” he explained that he’s cum 6 times today. Once before the party and 5 times at the party.

I replied, “Well, I see you’re wearing a blue wristband. Would you like to go for cum number 7?” I was number seven. When he was leaving the party he told me his total was 9 loads for the day. He said that he has a lot of roommates and there’s basically zero time that he’s along and can jerk off. No wonder he had 9 loads in him! (I hope he finds roommates that are more open minded about sex!)

Roxy arrived at 11pm but I’ve told that story already. I would like to thank all the guys for being respectful of her space. I didn’t have to correct anyone’s behavior. And, most of all, thanks to Roxy for attending!

Dressed or undressed?

An hour or two into the party I noticed that everyone still had their clothes on. They had their cocks out and were stroking that way. That made me sad.

Then I realized the problem: I, the host, was fully dressed because I didn’t want to greet people at the door with my knob sticking out. They were copying me.

So I took off my shirt. I noticed a few people did too. Not only that, but all new people that arrived took their shirt off too.

After that, I just got completely naked except for when I answered the door… and for that I only put on a pair of gym shorts.

It’s interesting how the host sets the tone for the party. People copy what the host is doing. That’s an important lesson both for good and negative behavior. I’ve been at parties where the host was doing something rude, and that made it “ok” for other attendees to be rude too. I was naked and well-behaved (at least I think I was… DM me!) and others were too.!


It may sound totally nerdy but I do send out a “customer satisfaction survey” after each party. (If you attended, there’s still time! Answer the survey now! )

Not a lot of people fill out the survey, which makes me appreciate the feedback that I do get!

What did I learn? Of the people surveyed:

  • Location: 50% were from NJ and 50% were from NYC.
  • “How many times did you cum?” Most people said “Just right” with one person commenting he didn’t want to cum because “it felt so amazing”
  • I got a lot of compliments about my DJing. Some people said they felt “overloaded (in a good way!).”
  • Some of the porn was too gross or too much hypno (good feedback!) and asked for more IG girls, babecock, more “straight porn”, and one person suggested an “all oral hour”.
  • There were comments about it being too hot or too cold in the room, or that the room was too crowded. I can definitely fix all that.
  • Some positive quotes:
    • “Super chill and pressure-free environment. Great host. Great porn.”
    • “Felt fairly discreet, diverse”
    • “Loved giving a hand to a few guys”
    • “Porn was great. Lost it during hypno hour, embarrassed how quick I came” (My response: Don’t be embarrassed! I take it as a compliment!)
    • “I felt safe/comfortable the entire time”
    • “I was nervous at first, but I felt safe/comfortable soon after I arrived”

Volunteers needed!

As the events get bigger, I’d like to have some help.

I’m looking for someone to take a 1-hour shift answering the door (I’ll train), someone to be in charge of food/beverages, and I can always use help setting up!

(If you’d like advice about hosting your own party, that’s great too! I’m happy to help you get started no matter where in the world you are!)

DM me on Discord if you are interested!

Best party yet!

This was the best party yet… at least for me. After some parties I feel drained and exhausted. When this party was over I felt energized and happy! I felt really good both bodily (I was still glowing) and mentally (full of energy).

I think this happened because of two changes I made. First, by adopting new video software that let me manage a queue of videos, I didn’t have to stop what I was doing every 3-6 minutes. I could relax, enjoy, and not be so worried about what would happen if I have to leave the DJ area to answer the door. It also made playing more enjoyable because I wasn’t so worried about being interrupted.

The other reason is that I planned around the flow of the party instead of trying to resist it. Most people arrive in the first few hours, the last few hours there isn’t a lot of “door duty”. I decided that for the first few hours I’d focus on hosting and DJing and not even try to play (much). Later on when I knew there would be less door traffic, I focused on playing. This lead to a 100 percent improvement in my enjoyment of the party. I also think I was a better host and JD this way. A few hours in I had gotten better at managing the queue, working the software, and my “welcome speech” got more practiced. The rest of the party… well, you’ve already read about that :-)

Thanks to everyone that attended! You make the party what it is! Whether you played or not, whether you arrived early or late, whether you stayed for a quick cum for lasted multiple hours… I hope you got what you were looking for!

I hope to see you all (18+) make it to the next party!