An attendee named Onblu wrote up a recap of his first party. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I did! With his permission I’m posting his writeup on the blog.

I invite everyone to send in writeups too!

Onblu’s Story

Wish i could have written about this sooner but I’m glad I’m now getting the chance and that this channel is still open for me to post it because I don’t think an hour goes by since this happened that I don`t think about it. For sure never leaving my mind when i pump nowadays.

I’m on my way there approaching nervously texting our Host that it should be just 10 minutes. Never having done anything like this before, waiting back for a text nervously, I couldn’t really take in the reality of the situation until receiving the text back with the hotel room info. Dropped off, I made my way towards the hotel. Although having full trust in the host and attendees (even more so after the event) when doing like this it’s hard to not imagine it being a set up and too good to be true.

Even just in the lobby, as little sense as it may make, I worried about being approached about what my reason was for being in the building or needing proof to be there. luckily all workers were busy with guests and the elevators were right in sight when entering. So as quick as my nerves tensed when thinking about hotel procedures they just as quickly subsided.

And believe it or not, just as I enter the elevator, I even get the treat of seeing, what strongly gave me the impression of, a sugar daddy with his two sugar baby sluts exiting the elevator.

Politely letting them out first, the older man quickly caught wind of my shock seeing him with two black sluts with such full bodies dressed in matching outfits. There’s no way he doesn`t want these sluts getting attention while he’s with them. Already barely controlling my hard on in the uber over, it was difficult not to let my cock spring up in that moment thinking about what he had those girls doing for him as they all smiled and nodded asking past me.

I only mention what I’m about to say to bring up how it only furthered my comfortability in the hotel: reminding me how many other guests are probably catching their attention rather than a bunch of regular looking gooner men walking through the lobby. Also reminding that this hotel must be completely aware of the amount of filth that takes place in each room.

Finally at the floor of the room, I texted asking about how we were preferred to enter. Nervous about looking suspicious as a family walks past behind me, I’m already getting cock twitches watching this milf walk past me in the hall thinking about her having no idea the hung young cock she just walked by is gonna head into the room in front of him to pump his cock for hours with other throbbing gooners, milking to tits just like hers.

In good luck just as they left down the elevator, the door was opened for me. The host, friendly and inviting, I could tell almost right away I had been worried for nothing. As soon as I entered, I could see into the bedroom area where all the action was taking place. Almost a full room already with cocks out pumping, my nervousness rose again but became increasingly harder to be concerned with as I could now see the porn I was hearing just outside the door.

After the Host invited me to settle in, I put my bag down, took off my shoes and made my way past the room of gooners into the bathroom. Loving the positioning of the bathroom and the preview it allowed guests to have before getting involved. I clean myself up a bit and realize just how much more excited i am than nervous now. But I’m sure stepping past a screen of huge tits getting plastered in cum did a lot to help.

Still intimidated by the gaze of the strokers filling the room, I was glad to see a space in the corner of the room on the pillow end of the bed for me to settle into where I would have a full view of the room and I would be more positioned out of eyes to get as bold as the others and pull my cock out to begin to stroke.

Not that it took long at all for me to get comfortable. The Host sat in front of me closer to the end of the bed getting videos ready to go. Already feeling my cock grow in my sweats, I drop my pants to the ground and rub myself over my boxers to start. I take a moment to take my eyes off the screens and notice all the different cocks around the room, all the different ways people are stroking, and paying closer attention to the different wristbands of those around me. Which was probably top three of my favorite things that made this experience more comforting. Fully not having to worry about miscommunications about what everyone was there and ready to take part in.

Wearing a yellow wristband myself, I settled in next to someone wearing a red one. Already nearly naked, the openness of having him stroke right beside me made the reality of everything fully set in. I dropped my boxers the second I saw a scene that sprung my cock to its full hardest. Nervous but still knowing the power porn has over me, it was basically impossible even trying to stop myself from jerking once my goon brain processed the situation and each screen with a new slut in front of me.

Although never fully striking my taste in porn, what did get me stroking, had me trying to keep myself from being too audible with my neediness. I was able to continue stroking while enjoying getting to experience watching the new guys settle in and quickly get to doing what they hoped to when getting there.

Some quicker to enjoy the environment, the room still ended up quickly pretty jammed packed with other strokers, taking space wherever possible. But in all honesty the busiest time was during the hypno porn hour which wasn’t really the type of porn I was interested in but still was able to lightly stroke watching the extra screens, all the people now filling the room, and especially the sucking taking place. I wasn’t sure if I would get lucky enough to see on my first time at any type of event like this or stroking around other guys like this. But I got that and then some.

Once seeing the cock sucking beginning, i was dying to fuck a mouth myself or see how my tongue likes the feeling of being around a cock but refraining as I was too nervous. Adding to the nerves a bit, beginning noticing exactly just how many people had shown up. It did seem like a lot for one room, the main gooning area, and like it could have the chances of catching the wrong attention of ppl in the hotel which got me thinking maybe I should leave earlier but luckily deciding to stay after assessing how little nervousness others displayed, the host especially.

Instead I got up and found a spot against the wall to lean on. as i stood to view the cock sucking taking place in between the two beds. And quickly that seemed to help everyone notice what was taking place and brought them to gather near the bedroom section entrance and as well, against the wall standing and stroking.

Once all the overstimulation began to hit me I took a seat back on the bed, making space on the wall where I was for a well sized black cock to take position next to me and the host.

Already throbbing from us all being this close and stroking, it only got so much harder once the host showed just how kind he was and began to put his mouth to work on the cock.

My eyes never knew where to focus my attention, the bimbo sluts sucking the sloppiest cocks on screen or the cock being jerked and blown in front of me as more strokers gathered by the wall next to the bed on the right side of the room. All now getting a better view. Not being able to help myself, I finally got up the courage to ask to help stroke the cock along with the host. Never having touched another guy like this I was hoping it felt good for how he liked to be stroked. Stopping to give the host time to get back, taking care of him and finishing him off, before he busted, he sadly moved to the other side before shooting his load.

Things cool for moments at a time but suddenly you take your eyes off the screen and there’s more people in the room than you remember. All taking every aspect of the room in. The guys stroked each other, the ones with eyes glued to the screen, and the ones with wandering eyes enjoying the entertainment in the room.

At some point, I decided to switch beds, to take in a new view of the room, having been there stroking hours at this point already and feeling as if i was spending too much time hidden away in a corner. I hit my vape and begin gooning out while the bimbo tits getting fucked and splattered in cum on screen put me in a trance. I suddenly heard the voice of the older bigger man next me, “Want me to stroke you?” and although not being ready for the experience earlier, I now was dying to feel the grip of someone else around my cock.

Unfortunately for me, I tend to jerk with a pretty needy grip so it’s rare that other people actually replicate what feels best for me. I usually just end up more turned on by the attraction and want to stroke me at all.

So unfortunately maybe due to the hours I had already put in, I did begin to struggle staying hard, in retrospect, maybe seemingly also because I was still more nervous than I realized. Eventually stopping stroking me to let me take over. Not long after the older man moved beds and younger man took the space in the bed next to me. After a few minutes, watching the cocks being jerked on screen by sluts just made me need to feel again what it’s like having another cock in my hand. Luckily the new person next to me beat me to it, asking to stroke and before not long switching for me to do stroking. Except right before I started stroking him I could just see the look on him of how easy I could make him bust and it wasn’t long before I squeezed a nice small load out his cock and he got up to leave.

And him leaving just made way for me to have the perfect view of a guy getting his first hand and blowjobs right next to the bed as he sat on a small foot bench with the other guy on his knees in front of him. Sliding down to the other side of the bed, I begin to join in on the stroking of the first timer but quickly letting his friend return to milking his cum out.

Not long after this, i turn my head to my right, just to discover the host treating the older guest, who jerked me off, to a blowjob and handjob. Not wanting to miss out, I decided to switch beds again and take a seat right next to them as they do this. Completely gooned out, the porn in combo with that taking place next to me. I was throbbing like crazy now.

The older man even lets out a great load and quickly makes his way out of the bed and leaves.

At this point, the night was very much dying down with just a few of us left in the room. Me, almost feeling a little insecure about maybe overdoing it and overstaying my welcome. Only say this because many arrived, got off, and left. that make room for others to join. I too was hoping everyone enjoyed the space as much as I was. With my mind as gone and gooned out as it was though, there was pretty much no separating my cock from my hand at this point. The only thing causing me to leave later was that I had work the next morning but its no problem for me to make sure that’s not an issue next time so I can really see how long my cock is willing to control my mind and if us gooners can keep up with each other.

With the room having died down, the host then offered up guests the chance to try out his VR Porn headset which unfortunately died once i prepared it on but luckily getting to watch another man right before me use it and watching porn as the host jerked him into a complete mess. I can only imagine what pornstar he had himself wrapped in and so obsessed with that he can just let a guy jerk him and pretend it’s her, is enough for him. Love the gooners imagination skills.

Apologizing profusely, it was no problem but that’s not to say, I won’t be the first one jumping at the chance to use it next meet if it’s brought. Getting stroked or sucked off as i do. :)

Haha I felt bad as I was worried that little mix up interaction might have created a little awkwardness in the room. But that was quickly gone, once the host asked out “Any Requests” Now being there with just about 4 or 5 people, I felt a little more comfortable putting out there what I would like to see. With this many ppl in the room now, I felt anyone who wasn’t interested would shut down anything they weren’t into pretty quick. And it was also a lot less busy so it felt better asking knowing the host was going to be able to enjoy it while not handling guests.

Being as gooned out and needy as I already was, triggered earlier by pmvs. I quickly asked for Violet Myers and Angela White videos and god was i not disappointed. Jerking to the tits of those bimbos in that room with other guys was a dream come true.

And it only got better when I discovered the other men seemed to be likewise fans of the goon goddess Angela. So much so we got to watch her new video that just so happened to come out that day, that was dedicated to a room full of gooners like the one we were in.

For me, a very funny coincidence, making this experience even more personable. My first time seeing one of my first favorite pornstars make a first of a kind video for gooners, as i for the first time got to jerk with a bunch of gooners for her. It felt as if we were all in the video with her.

As we approached the end of the video, I thought this might be what sends me over the edge til the host chimed in with a happy surprise.

Last minute, a girl asked for the chance to stop by if still possible. Although nearly out for the count, I knew I’d be insane to miss the chance to stroke with her in the room.

All agreed we were willing to stay for her, with some a little over eager about the chance of a girl being around. Which made me a little worried as although i was excited too, i was hoping we all knew, without saying it, how respectful we must be of her and what she desired from the night. And luckily we all proved to be eager but not rude.

I did feel somewhat rude not being able to stop myself from jerking to say hi when she walked in. But she was quick to make herself comfortable. After leaving the bathroom, she went right over the farthest corner of the room. Making herself more and more comfortable in the chair she watched us from.

Still sitting on the opposite side of the room from her on the bed, i stroke away as i turn my head, grabbing glances at her laying back in the chair beginning to touch her body. Im nearly gasping at this point, not trying to make noise but losing it as i turn over one moment and i see the girls hands wandering down her thick thigh and seeming to make easier for her touch. Not wanting to make her uncomfortable but struggling to look away, I look back again and it seems her top has vanished, leaving her in a white sports bra with her nipples poking right through. Not surprised she can’t resist rubbing her tits when they look that good.

Once again, I look away, look back.

Now her pants are off and she’s completely rubbing herself just like the rest of the gooners in the room. Only staying for a while, I happened to notice the girl’s eyes beginning to struggle to stay open as she was dozing off in the corner of the room. Just giving us a few as we continued to pump away. But I was happy to notice when she was getting up fully to leave, she seemed very happy with her experience with the night and although it seems such little social talking takes place in these, I wish I had spoken to her and made myself more friendly to her. Regardless, I hope she did have a good time and get to see her at another meet earlier with more time for us to steal away from her.

At this point with the host right next to me and with another video running through bimbo big tit sluts I’m obsessed with, I realized how close i’m getting and asked the host to take my cock into his hand. Noticing im struggling to stay hard again bc of shyness, he knew exactly how to send me over when he started dirty talking for me in my ear. Reminding how good it feels watching these sluts and as he gripped my cock tighter and let me fuck his hand instead of pumping me. Not shooting the load i hoped to as i struggle to edge without leaking so much throughout the day, it just made me even more needy almost instantly for the next time i get to do this. Knowing the loads ill have saved.

And that’s where things wrapped up for me. The host began playing music videos that were hot enough to be porn just as i left which i really wish i got the chance to watch as i love jerking to celebs too. I felt a little rude leaving not too long after the woman had left because I didn’t want to give the impression I was just staying for her and not appreciating what else was taking place.

Out of this world experience, with my only note being wishing the porn selection can lean a little more into famous known bimbo stars, celebs, pmv. Also agreed with the IG Girls and an all oral hour. Although I know the host was trying to hit all his bases in a short time while satisfying his likes and so many others, it did feel like even outside the sissy porn hour, more of the porn was leaning towards that side of preference rather than straight porn. Possibly would help if more people sent specific videos for you to add maybe and then through those specifics you add similars.

With that said I have to greatly thank the host and I hope the donations turned out helping as I had not realized the work going into this until I showed up and saw it for myself.