We’re excited to announce the next Real Porn Meets party will be in Edison, NJ on Oct 21 and 22, 2022!

The event will be a 2-night party co-located near the ExxxoticaExpo in Edison, NJ, Friday and Saturday, Oct 21 + 22, 2022. (Not affiliated with Exxxotica). Stop by for a quick cum or stay the whole time, but please arrive by 10pm. The hotel has plenty of parking, and is a quick 3-mile Lyft/Uber ride from the Metuchen Train Station. (1 hour from NYC)

Women and couples are encouraged to attend the Saturday party. While the Friday party is open to all (19+) people, Saturday’s porn promises to be women-friendly plus we’ll have a female co-host (hello Sarah!). There will be a quiet space for anyone that needs a break. Our “wristband policy” makes our parties a safe-space for everyone, whether you want to join in, just watch, or hang out in our “quiet space”. It’s the perfect dessert after spending the day at the Expo!

Our wristband policy is simple and strictly enforced to ensure a safe and fun time for everyone! When you arrive you’ll be offered a choice of red, yellow, or green wristband. Red means “don’t approach”, green means “looking to play”, and yellow means “maybe; please ask”. (It’s like a red/yellow/green traffic like, eh?)

Our parties cater to shy people and first-timers! We create a safe-space for all!


  • Date: Fri & Sat, Oct 21+22, 2022
  • Cost: $40/person donation recommended, couples are half-price.
  • Fri, Oct 21: Guys and transpeople welcome!
    • 5pm: doors open
    • 7-8pm: Hypno Hour (all videos will be sissy hypno)
    • 10pm: Doors close
    • midnight: Party ends
  • Sat: Oct 22: Special event! Women and couples encouraged to attend!
    • Co-hosted by Tom and Sarah
    • 5pm: doors open
    • 10pm: Doors close
    • midnight: Party ends
  • Location: a nice hotel in Edison, NJ (details after you RSVP)
  • Who: str8/bi/sissy guys and women that like to watch porn (19+ only) (or like to watch people watching porn)


How to RSVP:


  • The primary rule is consent: Don’t touch without asking.
  • SHOWER BEFORE YOU ARRIVE or you will be asked to leave.
  • Only do what you are comfortable doing.
  • No penetration! The focus of the party is on masturbation… solo and mutual (oral permitted).
  • Nudity is encouraged but optional.
  • When you arrive you’ll be given a wristband:
    • The “traffic light” colors:
      • red (no touching, don’t approach, don’t ask)
      • yellow (maybe… ask!)
      • green (interested! please ask!)
    • These are optional:
      • pink (I want to blow)
      • blue (blow me!)

First-timers encouraged

We’ll do everything we can to make you comfortable. The event is very private and safe. (Everyone’s a first-timer once!)

How private? No last names. No discussing work or politics. Keep this event on the DL!

What should I bring?

BRING A TOWEL TO SIT ON! Also… Feel free to bring your favorite lube, toys, and screens/tablets/etc! Poppers permitted. Legal 420 in moderation.

We are Sissy-Friendly

This is a safe space for sissies, sissy-wannabes and sissy-curious guys. Do you secretly crave being a sissy? Do you like sissy hypno? Bimbo hypno? You are welcome.

Dressing is optional. You are invited to get dressed at the party.

What kind of porn?

Legal porn only. I am your Porn DJ and I take requests!

The porn is usually hardcore, upbeat, and often set to music. A lot of compilations and quick-cut videos to melt your mind.

Friday Playlist:

Some examples…

Saturday Playlist:

Some examples…

Questions? Join our Discord!

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/pGrdcyE