Recap of the February 11, 2023 party in Jersey City, New Jersey.


The February 2023 party in Jersey City was our most successful party yet! Our 21st party! About 25 people passed through our doors, with a max of 20 attendees at any given time. There was two rooms of hot hot hot porn, and pleny of hot hot hot action. The space was fine; the fear of it being over-crowded was for nothing. This party added a new feature: Motivational posters on the walls and other decorations. The crowd was very diverse including 3 women, 3 sissies/CDs, a transman, and people of all colors.

Thanks to all that helped make the party success, especially my helpers!

I plan on hosting parties in New Jersey every 4 months (about 3 times a year). I encourage others to host their own parties, big or small, and I’m willing to coach or help. See details at the end of this recap.

What’s new? Motivational posters!

I always try something new at each party. This time it was… POSTERS!

I printed out dozens of “porn caps” on my color printer at home. I had no idea how I was going to arrange them. Luckily someone arrived early and arranged them in a very artistic and useful way. Thanks, dude!

See the pictures below!


  • This was the 21st party!
  • 25 attendees (never more than 20 in the room)

There were 77 RSVPs, about 3x the number of attendees. That’s actually typical when I open RSVPs very early. People that RSVP many weeks in advance just don’t seem to end up attending. I guess they were excited by the idea at the time but then something came up. In the future I’ll either open RSVPs closer to the date, or just ask people to re-confirm.

I was concerned that the room would be too full. I sent out an email warning people that once we hit a certain limit, people will be turned away until space frees up. Sadly that worked too well: a lot of people saw the email and just made other plans. Ironically this meant that the perfect number of people showed up. (Next time I’ll handle this differently.)

The result: About 25 people attended; there were never more than 20 people in the room. The amount of space on the couch/bed/chairs was pretty much perfect. We could have fit another 4-5 attendees easily.

The Setup

The hotel suite had two rooms: You arrive in the “outer room” which is set up as more of a chill and socialize space. The “inner room” is the “goon cave”.

The Welcome Area

Of course the first thing we do is set you up with your wristband.

The colors are like a red/yellow/green traffic light: Red means “No, don’t approach me”, yellow means “maybe?” and green means “yes! Please ask!”. There are two optional colors: Pink for “I suck” and blue for “Blow me”. Or maybe I should call the blue one, “Blue me”?

Wristband Selection Bigger

The Outer Room

The first room has a big comfy couch and chairs. It also has a laptop and a screen so that people can pick their own porn. More about that later.

The seating:

First room

The view from the couch:

Be the DJ

Enter the Goon Cave!

The doors leading to the Goon Cave are covered with motivational posters .

Enter the goon room

The Goon Cave

The inner room is The Goon Cave. It was full of video screens playing porn. It has two beds and a number of chairs. Plenty of room for everyone!

A panorama from the left side of the room:

View from the left bed

The view from the other bed:

View from the right bed L

Here’s a picture with a little more light:

View from the left with more light

The signs

Here’s my little “Porn DJ” station in the Goon Cave. I found this nice little stand in the hotel room’s closet. It was perfect and freed up space on the bed.

The DJ station

Other signs gave helpful advice and reminded everyone to be welcoming to the new people as they arrive. Our parties are known for being welcoming to new people and reminderse like this is helps!

Ask for what you want sign

The Posters

I went a little crazy with the posters. There were posters all over.

In front of you:

Posters on the heater

To the left was a huge grid of 27 porn caps posters :

Posters in a grid

I even put some in the bathroom so you always had “motivation”:

Poster not gay if you can’t see

Poster on the bathroom door

(Read the poster )

Goon Cave At Night

Once the sun went down the room got a bit darker. I projected this on the ceiling to give them room a subdued vibe.

The ceiling

What you didn’t see!

This room has an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline. Sadly all the windows were closed for privacy reasons. Here’s what it looked like:

NYC Skyline

(bigger version )


Summary: it was a small crowd until about 6pm. By 7pm enough people arrived that the party divided between the two rooms. Attendance peaked around 9pm. After that the crowd shrank a little at the time until it stayed around 6 people the last hour.

But you probably want more details…

I got to the hotel around noon to start setting up.

One person (his 3rd time attending) showed up early to help set up. He took charge of setting up the posters and signs. The door and the grid was all his work. Thank you so much! Those decorations added something special to the event!

It took me longer to set up than planned because the hotel gave us a room with a different shape than last time (corner room with a nice view). I had to redesign where the screens and seating would be. This was quite a bit of a challenge, but I think I came up with something that worked well. The big problem was that the biggest TV screen was waaaaaay over to the left. I was concerned that people on the right side of the room wouldn’t be able to see. Luckily the TV was on a swivel and everyone was able to see just fine.

My co-host arrived around 6pm as planned. She greeted people at the door from then on, which allowed me to play more. Many attendees were confused when they were greeted by a woman One person thought he was at the wrong party. (oops!) I guess I should warn people next time!

  • noon: Setup for the party begins!
  • 2pm: Doors open. Me and my helper finished setting up and starting porning
  • 3:30pm: 3 people in the room gooning
  • 4pm: Another guy arrives. 15 minutes later someone was sucking his beautiful BBC
  • 4:45pm: One guy leaves, a fully dressed sissy arrives
  • 5:30pm: 6 attendees
  • 6pm: My co-host showed up; she greeted people at the door which let me play more
  • 6:30pm: 12 attendees (Too many to list indivudally. For the rest of the party people were arriving and departing every now and then.)
  • 7pm: Sissy Hypno Hour starts! 9 people in the Goon Cave, 7 people in the outer room
  • 8pm: A dressed sissy was grinding on one guy like a stripper
  • 8:30pm: Lots of action going on
  • 9pm: 19 attendees
  • 10pm: 12 attendees
  • 11pm-midnight: 7 attendees
  • I take less notes as the night goes on. I guess my hands are busy. :-)

The split between the Outer room and the Goon Room worked really well. The outer room played mostly long format porn and attracted the couples and more main stream people. It was well-lit and friendly. The couch was usually full and people took turns on the laptop picking videos. One enthusiastic attendee brought a laptop and projector and set it up so there were 2 videos going at once.

The Goon Room was filled with porn. The lights were off to set the mood; the light from the four video screens was enough. The biggest screen focused on porn music videos, hypno, and hardware quickcuts compilations. The audio from the big screen filled the room. The other screens either played videos or a slide-show of porn pics (no audio on those screens; having audio on more than one screen is just confusing). The room had 2 beds and a few chairs. Even with 2 people grinding each other on one bed, there always seemed to be enough room, or someone willing to stand, or go to the other room.

Hot memories

Here are some of the hottest things that happened:

A guy from one of the couples got a BJ as his partner watched. Well, more than a blowjob. He stood as someone sucked him. The guy was desperately trying not to cum. Then another person knelt and took a turn. Then another. In all, 3 guys sucked him. His partner, a sexy blond slim women, was fully dressed and looked amused as she watched him enjoy himself. When he was ready to cum he stood with his partner and they kissed as he jerked off. He came all over her dress and the floor. It was a huge load!

The first black guy to arrive got a blowjob about 15 minutes after he sat down. They went at it for quite a while. An hour later a sissy entered the room and sat by him. A while later she started grinding on him like a stripper. I swear for the next 2 hours she was grinding and frotting with him. I couldn’t see everything they were doing, but there was a lot of moaning. They really hit it off!

A guy from one of the couples told me, “I was there for roughly 2 hours. I edged until the very end, when I quietly told my friend (the women he arrived with), that I wanted to cum. And after two days of not cumming, I came hard! And that triggered a nice series of orgasms on her part!”

I didn’t count how many times people came but I definitely saw some big loads!

Some people stroked their buddy, other people were more shy. I hope everyone was able to find the kind of space they wanted.

Feedback Survey Results!

Yes, I really do a “customer satisfaction survey” after the party. I use people’s comments to improve future parties.

8 attendees answered the survey.

  • 4.5 out of 5 stars: 4 gave it “4 stars”, 4 gave it “5 stars”
  • What did YOU LIKE about the party?
    • “sucking some dick, jerking off. that couple was fun.”
    • Awesome to goon surrounded by other gooners. The diversity of people who attended was great and everyone was respectful.
    • The porn was good, and the gooners interacted with each other.
    • I loved being naked stroking it in public and was especially excited that women, both cis & trans, were present.
    • “After taking a little while to relax, I like that it was a no judgement zone. I loved that everyone was so free after a while. I liked that there were women there. I love the traffic light system! The first room was great as the main room could get too packed”
    • really well organized
    • lots of porn and stroking
  • what did YOU NOT LIKE about the party?
    • some porn repeated, but didn’t bother me too much
    • having to bring my own towel (other parties provide)
    • was confused when a woman answered the door, thought I had the wrong room number.
    • Goon Room wasn’t big enough
  • Safety and privacy (check ALL that apply)
    • 7 attendees wrote: “I felt safe/comfortable the entire time”
    • 3 attendees wrote: “I was nervous at first, but I felt safe/comfortable soon after I arrived”
    • 1 attendees wrote: “The host did things that made me feel safe/comfortable”
  • How was the porn? (check ALL that apply)
    • 4 attendees wrote: “Not enough trans/shemale/ts”
    • 4 attendees wrote: “I felt over-stimulated (in a good way)”
    • 2 attendees wrote: “Too straight”
    • 1 attendees wrote: “Too many screens going at once”
    • 1 attendees wrote: “Too loud”
    • 1 attendees wrote: “Too hardcore”
    • 1 attendees wrote: “Not enough hypno”
    • 1 attendees wrote: “I wanted to make requests but didn’t”
    • “I should have put something on in the DJ your own room but felt overwhelmed so I let others do it. I’ll think ahead for some ideas next time.”
    • (paraphrased) This was different from my usual porn (which is mostly lesbian, trans, foot worship, and classic gay porn)
  • Did you interact with other attendees?
    • 75% of respondents: “Talked”
    • 75% of respondents: “Hand stuff”
    • 50% of respondents: “Oral”
    • 25% of respondents: “Frot”
    • A full 62% of respondents checked: “Wish I had done more!”
  • Where did you hear about the party?
    • 6 attendees wrote: Discord
    • 1 attendees wrote: BateWorld
    • 1 attendees wrote: the email list
    • 1 attendees wrote: a friend
  • Age:
    • 12% 20s **********
    • 25% 30s ********************
    • 12% 40s **********
    • 50% 50s **************************************************
    • NOTE: Not everyone filled out the survey. My estimate is that most of the attendees were in their 20s/30s. Younger attendees don’t fill out surveys.

7 people that RSVP’d but ended up not attending answered the survey. Their feedback is appreciated, especially the feedback from people traveling from far away. Thanks! Hope you’re able to attend next time!

What’s next?

Hosting these parties is a lot of work. I put a lot of time and effort into them. The week before each party I am busy for hours each day dealing with RSVPs and other preparations.

Doing that every 2 months is just too much.

Because of that, my new goal is to host 3 parties in New Jersey each year: February, June, October. I’ll still host parties when I travel (Portland, Chicago, SF/Bay Area), but when I travel its a smaller, easier to manage, party.

You should host the next party! I hope to inspire other people to host their own parties. These kinds of parties should be commonplace. Let a thousand flowers bloom! I’m eager to coach and mentor others. You don’t have to do all the fancy setup that I do. Just 5-6 gooners in a hotel room is a great time! Book a room, advertise it on Discord, set up an easy way for people to RSVP. Everything else will take care of itself. I promise you. My parties started out the same way!


This party wouldn’t haven’t happened without the help of others!

Thanks to the gentleman that arrived early and helped with the decorations and posters.

Thanks to my friend for co-hosting and working the door.

Thanks to everyone that completed the survey. Whether you attended or not, your answers really help make future parties even better!

Thanks to everyone that played, and to those who were shy this time.

And lastly, thanks to everyone that attended! These parties are all about you!

Hope to see you at a future party!