Someone on Discord recently asked me a few questions about the parties. I thought I’d share the answers.

hey, never been to a proper organized party before, have a few etiquette questions for you when you get a chance

Q: is it penis out right when walk in the door or is there a designated area for that?

A: The party is clothing optional. Most people take a few minutes after they arrive and chill and bit before taking clothes off, if they choose to do so.

I try to get a hotel room large enough that there is a non-porn space when you enter and an “inner room” where the porn is playing. That’s not always possible.

Q: Is it usually more of a loud chatty atmosphere or more quieter, strict focus on porn?

A: Usually quiet. Most sound is from the porn. Though, if one guy starts moaning others tend to join in. A good moaner really gets things hot. Certainly when someone cums loudly people get into it with encouragment, moaning along with him, or even cheer when he shoots. (I’d love a party where people are encouraged to goon out, moan loudly and stuff.)

Q: How do guys usually interact, or do most keep mainly to themselves?

A: Well… that’s exactly why we have the wrist bands. They signal what kind of interaction they’re looking for.

If you wear a red wristband, you can just sit there doing your own thing. If you wear a green or yellow, someone sitting near you might verbally or non-verbally offer “help”.

Of course, a pink wristband means you want people to ask you for a blowjob. Guys are still pretty nervous about asking. You’d be surprised at how many pink people complain that not enough people had the nerve to ask!

Q: Is the porn played with volume?

A: Only one screen’s audio is on. I’ve found it is very confusing to have more than one porn’s audio playing at the same time. Usually the biggest screen is playing PMVs and other things where the audio matters, so that’s what people hear. The other screens are silent.

I don’t play the audio too loudly, because it makes it difficult for people to interact. However during “sissy hypno hour” I like to make people feel a little overwhelmed (in a good way) and turn up the audio.

Q: What’s the ejaculation etiquette? supposed to say anything? where do most people aim when they shoot at one of these parties?

A: Some guys quietly come, some yell out.

I prefer when guys make some noise before hand so that we don’t miss it. You’d be amazed at how many times I thought someone didn’t cum at all but it turns out they came a few times, just didn’t make a bit show of it.

Where to cum is another etiquette issue. Please don’t make a mess that … umm… destroys hotel property. They didn’t hire us to paint the walls.

Most guys cum on themselves or in their hand or towel, but I love when someone cums in someone’s mouth or someone offers to clean up the cum. One of my favorite memories was the time someone shouted out, “I’m gonna cum soon. Who wants it?” and soon he was splattering a very grateful stranger.