An attendee wrote an attendee review of his first party. With his permission I’m posting his writeup on the blog.

Thanks for the writeup and the kind words! I invite all attendees to send in writeups too!

J’s story


I filled out the survey but wanted to provide a personal review of the event. Sorry about the length but I wanted to share my thoughts. Thank you for indulging me. Feel free to share this response (or part of it) with the whole community.

During the start of COVID, I discovered gooning. I always liked porn but it was usually about getting off quickly and getting back to my life. However, gooning helped me deal with the stress and worry about the world in ways my family never could. After a few years of exploring the gooning world, I found a great balance between my regular vanilla life and 2-3 hours of gooning a couple of times per week. I know the encouragement captions and videos say “go longer” and “go deeper” (my record is 5.5 hours once), but I realized we all need a balance (otherwise, how are we going to pay for our porn if we don’t work).

Let me get a little philosophical about porn first. Porn for me has evolved from just looking at nasty scenes to almost a worship of the female form. The looks and the shape of the act of sex itself are amazing. Sometimes I feel like I’m gooning to the idea of gooning.

A lot of self-exploration happens during gooning. I consider myself bi-curious (having never been with a man). But it’s more complicated. I find myself really attracted to women and shemales (nothing like a beautiful woman with a dick), and I find women sucking dick hot as hell (with me fixating on the dick sometimes just as much as the woman). However, I’m not attracted to men (and I have tried to watch a lot of gay porn to no avail). I think it goes back to the “worship” of the female form or just my own inability to get past the social norm. But I love she-males as they represent the pinnacle of porn. Enough about my philosophical musing on porn and gooning.

As I explored all the great porn and enjoyed my self-indulgence, I started to wonder how many people were actually doing this “gooning lifestyle”? Was it just a creation of the porn creators to get more people to watch their porn? Was I one of a few people who really gooned? Or was there a real community? So, I started looking at Reddit (of course) and just generally searching Google to see if there were really gooners out there and I was excited to see an active community on Reddit and Twitter. Of course, my brain which tends to overthink, thought perhaps this was just a handful of scammers (and there are plenty of them).

Then, I found your webpage and couldn’t believe it was real. I looked at every page and every description. Is this a scam? There is no way, I thought, someone put this much effort into a scam. So I grew more and more interested…and then I noticed about two weeks ago that there was a “goon event” not that far from me. I was determined to go, but still hesitant. I registered and communicated with you, but still the hesitation. Even the day of, I had some work to do, and decided not to go. But about 30 minutes beforehand I had the “itch” to goon and I made the decision mid-gooning. I was going to go.

Next, I finally arrived and found the location very welcoming. It was real! There really was a goon cave and there really were people who gooned. I enjoyed myself and the freedom of just sitting around naked jerking off around strangers. But they weren’t strangers by the end of the night. They were part of a community. I was part of a community of like-minded people. I was even more surprised that there were people of all (legal) ages and people of various shapes, colors, and sizes. It wasn’t just 15 clones of me (a middle-aged, overweight bald white guy). It was an amazing experience. I cummed twice and really enjoyed moaning and chatting with people. I’m bi-curious (never touched any dick other than my own), but that’s probably because I just didn’t have the courage to act (maybe next time). As a gooner, I prefer only touching my own dick, but just once in my life I hope to touch someone else’s.

One of the things I really liked that I’d like to mention is the presence of a woman. I read your post that you sometimes have a co-host who is a woman and some men freak out. I actually enjoyed it (not in a sexual way but something relating to the community). It made me feel normal and not a freak. First, I thought, “Is this a goonette?” Is that a real thing? I wasn’t sure I really believed the goon captions that women actually goon. Probably my own ignorance. I didn’t see her goon, so I thought, she must just be a friend of the host who supports this lifestyle. That alone was really comforting. She was a woman who was cool with this and not disgusted by it. You can tell her that I think she is the coolest woman ever to support you and us in this. [Note from the host: Yes, she’s an open-minded friend that’s part of the kink community and helps me out with the parties. We’ve known each other for decades. And, yes, she’s super cool!]

I enjoyed everything about my time and I wish I was able to stay longer than 3 hours (I did actually have work to do). I gave some minor comments in the survey about things I’d like to see, but overall it was an amazing experience.

Thanks again and I look forward to the next event. Feel free to share or keep it to yourself. Your choice. Regards,