The next Real Porn Meets party will be Saturday, Aug 19, 2023, 4pm-midnight in lovely Jersey City, NJ! (Easy access from NYC by PATH!)
Stop by for a quick cum or stay the whole time! First-timers encouraged! This party will include a special event: A birthday bukakke for Natalie!

Gooners! Pornosexuals! Solosexuals! Beginners and experienced pornaddicts! You are invited to Real Porn Meet’s next party!

Do you goon? Do you want to learn to goon? This party is for you! We’ll be watching goon training videos, gooner encouragement videos, and porn music videos. (Plus plenty of pornosexual encouragement, hypno-porn, CEI, JOI, and other hot videos too!)

This Goon Gathering will feature a hotel suite with two rooms: Room 1 has a couch and a big TV playing porn (people can pick their own porn). Room 2 is “goon central” with multiple screens, a porn DJ, and an endless playlist of goon fuel videos. Both rooms are clothing optional. Goon alone or help a neighbor! Sissies are encouraged to practice their skills.

Who is invited? 19+ only. Whether you are experienced with gooning, want to learn more, or just want to hang out! Men, transpeople, sissies/sissy-wannabes, and couples are invited! Join if you are straight, bi, bi-curcious, gay or just interested in exploring! All body shapes and sizes. All dick shapes and sizes. All colors, races, religious. No body shaming is permitted!

We’re expecting 10-20 attendees.


  • Date: Saturday, Aug 19, 2023
  • Time: 4pm-midnight (Stop by for a quick cum or stay multiple hours!)
    • 4pm: doors open
    • 7-8pm: Hypno Hour (all videos will be hypno)
    • 8pm: Goon School videos
    • 9:30pm: Doors close. Please do not arrive after 9:30!
    • midnight: Party ends at midnight (things can get wild in the last few hours!).
  • Who: str8/bi/sissy guys and transpeople, couples (19+ only)
  • Location: a nice hotel in Jersey City, NJ (details after you RSVP)
  • RSVP here:

Join our Discord chat:

Natalie’s Birthday Bukakke!

Who is Natalie? Natalie is a transwoman who has attended parties in the past. You might know her on Discord as CasuallyNatalie.

What’s a bukakke? A bukakke is where many men cum on the face of one lucky girl.

What’s the plan? Natalie will be available to collect your cum. Ready to cum? Show Natalie how pretty she is by cumming on her face. She will be at the front of the room ready to get showered with your loads.

Update (2023-08-11): A second person is joining the bukukke! Trans porn starlette Kaela Moon will be there too. Two bright fresh faces to dump your load on!

NOTE: This is NOT a blowbang, don’t expect oral. Just cum on the slut.

Private and secure

Our parties cater to shy people and first-timers! We create a safe-space for all! The event is totally private and anonymous.

Consent is king! Our wristband policy is simple and strictly enforced to ensure a safe and fun time for everyone! When you arrive you’ll be offered a choice of color wristband: red (don’t approach), yellow (maybe), green (looking to play). (It’s like a red/yellow/green traffic light, eh?)

Sissies and transpeople are welcome. You may dress at the party or before.

What to bring?

  • a towel to sit on
  • your favorite lube
  • toys
  • a donation to help pay for the hotel room
  • your body (Please be “shower fresh”)


  • Q: What kind of porn?
  • A: Bi, Trans, and Straight. Your host is a “Porn DJ” that takes requests!
  • Q: Buddy stroking?
  • A: Yes. (Ask first. “No means no.”)
  • Q: Oral?
  • A: Yes
  • Q: Penetration?
  • A: No
  • Q: Weed ok?
  • A: Legal weed and poppers permitted. Nothing harder.

What kind of porn?

Here are some examples of what was played a previous parties:

Party Rules

  1. Confidentiality: No photos/videos.
  2. Consent: Ask before you touch. NO means NO. Consent is sexy!
  3. Keep it legal: You must be 19 & older. Only legal porn.
  4. Be “shower fresh” or be asked to leave
  5. Stroke your dick, don’t be one! This isn’t the place for hate, including racism, homophobia/transphobia, sexism/misogyny, or overall bigotry & un-brotherly behavior. People that attend may be all colors, all sexual orientations, all genders: str8+curious, pornosexual, sissy, solosexual, and things you haven’t seen or heard of before.
  6. Keep it safe and sane. You will be asked to leave if you break these rules or act in ways that make the host and others uncomfortable.
  7. Parties are for first-timers and experienced folks too. If you are experienced, try to make the first-timers comfortable. If you are a first-timer, please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help make you feel at ease!
  8. Nudity is encouraged but optional. You be you, boo!
  9. Have fun! Hey, that’s what we’re here for, right?

Questions? Ask on Discord or contact the host via the invitation form.