The next Real Porn Meets party will be Friday, Nov 3, 2023 with a bonus event the following morning. The hotel is in Edison, just 3 miles away from ExxxoticaExpo (no official affiliation). The hotel has plenty of parking and is a quick Lyft/Uber ride from a NJ Transit stop.

SATURDAY: Still open! Fill out this form if you want to hang out, watch porn, and have fun before leave for the Expo at noon.

Early PartyFri, Nov 33:30-7:00Straight porn, chill vibe (8 ppl max)
7:00-7:30(dinner break. everyone must exit)
Late PartyFri, Nov 37:30-midStraight and bi/trans (16 ppl max)
Morning WoodSat, Nov 48-noonMorning party…. or just hang out!
  • Early Party: Looking for a smaller group that’s very chill? This party is for straight but open minded guys that want to watch porn together. Attendees will pass the laptop and pick their own porn. It ends with plenty of time to go to ExxxoticaExpo , which runs until noon. Perfect for first-timers and shy people!
  • Late Party: This party will be more like past RPM events. The porn will start straight but add more trans and bi content as the night goes on. First-timers and more experienced gooners welcome!
  • Morning Wood: A more casual party. If guys want to stop by before we go to ExxxoticaExpo feel free to stop by. Some of us will go to lunch then hit the Expo when it opens at 1pm. Great for first timers, experienced gooners, and horny curious guys! (People have asked what’s the difference between this and the usual party. We’ll still have porn playing, guys are encouraged to play, the wristband rules are still in effect. The only difference is that there will be no snacks/drinks provided, guys can arrive any time. Near the end the priority will shift to packing up and checking out.)

You may be wondering…

  • Q: What’s the deal with the dinner break?
  • A: Everyone must leave during the break. NO EXCEPTION. Please respect the host’s need to eat without having to constantly answer the door, respond to TXT messages, enforce the party rules, and so on. In fact, during the dinner break the door will be locked, I won’t be answering the door and TXT message will be unanswered.
  • Q: What if I want to attend both parties?
  • A: Please don’t. Unlike our usual location, this hotel room is very small. By having two smaller parties more people can attend.
  • Q: But I really want to attend both parties!
  • A: Why don’t you make a friend at the first party and go to the ExxxoticaExpo with them? Or go home? Or stop bothering the host with these questions?

How do I RSVP?

  • RSVP here:
    • No RSVPs after after Friday 11am.
    • RSVPs are closed! Hope you can make it next time!
    • (RSVPs on FetLife and BateWorld don’t count. Use the above link!)

Who is invited?

Who is invited? 19+ only. You are invited whether you are experienced with gooning, want to learn more, or just want to hang out! Men, transpeople, sissies/sissy-wannabes are all welcome! All body shapes and sizes. All dick shapes and sizes. All colors, races, religious. No body shaming is permitted!

The Wristband policy

When you arrive you’ll be asked to choose your wristband color. The color indicates if you want to be approached.

  • red (stop. Don’t approach)
  • yellow (maybe)
  • green (yes!)

(An easy way to remember the colors is they are red-yellow-green like a traffic-light.)

  • Q: If I wear red, can I still approach others?
  • A: Yes! The color indicates if YOU want to be approached. A red person can certainly approach a yellow or green person.
  • Q: Can I change my wristband color?
  • A: Yes! Just ask!
  • Q: Are there other colors?
  • A: Yes. You can add a “pink” (I want to suck) and “blue” (I want to be sucked) wristband. It’s no guarantee, but it pays to advertise :-)
  • Q: I’m shy. How do I approach people?
  • A: It’s always polite to say, “Hi! I noticed you’re wearing a yellow wristband. May I….”


Please join our Discord chat server

It’s a great way to meet folks ahead of time.

The event is totally private and anonymous.

Our parties cater to shy people and first-timers!

We create a safe-space for all! Consent is sexy! Our wristband policy is simple and strictly enforced to ensure a safe and fun time for everyone! When you arrive you’ll be offered a choice of color wristband: red (don’t approach), yellow (maybe), green (looking to play). (It’s like a red/yellow/green traffic light, eh?)

Sissies and transpeople are welcome. You may dress at the party if you desire.

What to bring?

  • a towel to sit on
  • your favorite lube
  • toys
  • a donation to help pay for the hotel room ($20 is suggested; more if you can, less if you can’t)
  • your body (Please be “shower fresh”)


  • Q: What kind of porn?
  • A: See above.
  • Q: Buddy stroking?
  • A: Yes. (Ask first. No means no.)
  • Q: Oral?
  • A: Yes. (Ask first. No means no.)
  • Q: Penetration?
  • A: No
  • Q: Weed ok?
  • A: Legal weed and poppers are permitted. Nothing harder.

Party Rules

  1. Confidentiality: Absoluetely no photos/videos.
  2. Consent: Ask before you touch. NO means NO. Consent is sexy!
  3. Keep it legal: You must be 19 & older. Only legal porn.
  4. Be “shower fresh” or be asked to leave
  5. Stroke your dick, don’t be one! This isn’t the place for hate, including racism, homophobia/transphobia, sexism/misogyny, or overall bigotry & un-brotherly behavior. People that attend may be all colors, all sexual orientations, all genders: str8+curious, pornosexual, sissy, solosexual, and things you haven’t seen or heard of before.
  6. Keep it safe and sane. You will be asked to leave if you break these rules or act in ways that make the host and others uncomfortable.
  7. Parties are for first-timers and experienced folks too. If you are experienced, try to make the first-timers comfortable. If you are a first-timer, please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help make you feel at ease!
  8. Nudity is encouraged but optional. You be you, boo!
  9. Have fun! Hey, that’s what we’re here for, right?

What’s the room number?

I won’t know until I get there and the hotel assigns us a room. When you RSVP you’ll receive email with instructions on how to get the room number the day of the party.


Questions? Ask on Discord or contact the host via the invitation form.