Recap of the Jan 12+13, 2024 parties in Jersey City, NJ.


The January party was a big success! Two successes since it was two parties: One on Fri, Jan 12 (15 attendees) and another on Sat, Jan 13, 2024 (20 attendees).
Even though turn-out was high (about 35 people total), the room never felt crowded.
Because people arrived and left at different times there was never more than 12 people in the hotel suite at any given moment. Sadly the planned special event was cancelled, but everyone had a good time anyway.


  • The 27th and 28th parties!
  • 35 attendees (about 105 RSVPs)
  • 4.0 out of 5 stars (Friday’s score was higher than Saturday)

The Setup

We tried a different hotel in an attempt to get a bigger space. The new layout was worse in some ways but better in others.

I knew switching to a new hotel would mean having to design a new layout for the party. I arrived around 1pm and got to work as I only had 3 hours before people would arrive. Three hours sounds like a lot of time but it was barely enough time as I had to try various arrangements.

There was a small kitchen area which we used to store people’s bags (the previous hotel had no kitchen). The living room was more compact but had more seating than the previous hotel, which was a plus. The bedroom was tiny; just large enough for a large bed with a huge TV crammed at the front of the room.

In the past the bedroom was the main room and the living room felt more like overflow space. That’s because at previous parties the bedroom had 2 beds and a lot of other places to sit, thus naturally became the center of gravity for the party. In this hotel the living room was much larger and could seat more people (10 on couch and chairs, with still more room on the floor and other spaces). Therefore the living room was the center of gravity. The bedroom became more of a “quiet space” for people that wanted a more calm experience. In fact, on Friday the bedroom was unused until the living room filled up.

The living room and bedroom each came with their own enormous TV. The screens I brought were used in the living room to create a 3-screen “wall of porn”, which became a 4-screen “wall of porn” on Saturday when I figured out a better arrangement.

Photo Tour

Here’s a photo tour of what guests experienced.

NOTE: For privacy reasons, no pictures/videos are permitted during the party. These photos are from before or after the party. Use your imagination to fill it up with people.

The Welcome Area

When you arrive you are in the welcome area. The first thing we do is get you set up with your wristband. We also review the party rules and answer any questions.

The wristband colors make it easy to give/withhold consent: Red means “No, don’t approach me”, yellow means “maybe?” and green means “yes! Please ask!”. (same colors as a traffic-light. Get it?). Oh, there are two optional colors: Pink for “I suck” and blue for “Blow me”.

Why the wristbands? Safety and comfort. You can advertise your desires easily, discreetly, but clearly.

Friday night yellow was the most popular.

On Saturday I decided to count which colors were distributed: 8 green, 10 yellow, and 1 red. I assume yellow is so popular because it allows people feel the most safe and have the most control. This was the first time I recall so few people picking red. While there is no “wrong” color (everyone should always take whatever color they’re most comfortable with), I do appreciate the enthusiasm of a nearly all green and yellow night!



Hopefully the next thing you notice is the decorations. @pornicator created a few just for the party, including “share porn with friends” and “your cock deserves a good time”. Thanks, bud!


The main room

Next you turn to the left. From where you are standing you get a good overview of the layout. Of course, by the time you arrive it is probably full of people.

You stash your coat, shoes, and optionally your clothes in a pile under the table (the nearby one in the photo).


Where to sit?

Where to sit? Ah, there’s a couch! You join the other people and sit down.


The view from the couch

Sit down and relax. Looking around the room, you see the coffee table in front of you with a variety of lube, legal 420, plus a laptop.

The smaller screens have pre-programmed playlists running but the big screen is controlled by the laptop on the coffee table. Everyone is encouraged to take a turn at the laptop picking videos.

Friday’s porn theme was “Big boobs porn! Natural, fake, bimbos, titfucking, and more!” and I prepared playlists for some of the screens, others played Discord video porn streams, and so on. There was always something interesting to look at. Saturday didn’t have a theme, but when no one else was picking videos, the playlist I had on the big screen was a mix of boobs, hypnos, straight, trans, and … more hypno.


The Wall Of Porn

This is what the “wall of porn” looked like on Saturday. Friday was less cluttered, with no printed captions and one fewer screen.




The bedroom

So now you’ve seen the living room. Maybe you get curious about what’s going on in the bedroom.

First you look in to see if anyone is in there. Typically there was only one or two people in the room. I think the most I ever counted was 4, with everyone basically keeping to themselves. I like that the party had different spaces for different people’s desires.


The room had one big video screen.

In this photo you’ll also see the Fleshlight that was acailable for use. Its on the dresser peaking out from the door.


The bedroom… dark mode

With the lights off, the blue “galaxy light” created a much different atmosphere.




Party wrap up

When the party ended the place was a bit of a mess. I always leave the hotel room cleaner than I found it so-as not to tip off the hotel management.

In the last picture you’ll see the entire party’s supplies (except the monitors) packed up in my moving boxes. I think I can now completely pack up the party in less than an hour.



Cancelling the Special Event

We had announced a special event… a gangbang starting late Saturday night. Our gangbang volunteer did show up and had a good time in the living room watching porn and fooling around. Sadly before the gangbang could start she got a call with bad news (a pet emergency) and had to leave. Our sympathy to her and her family.


Friday: Parties usually start slowly but within the first hour there was already 3 people in the room, including one sissy. There were 6 people an hour later. By 6:30 there were 8 people. The party peaked at 9pm with 9 people. Folks started leaving after that, with the last person gone by 11pm.

Saturday: The party started even faster. By 4:20pm there were 3 people. By 6pm there were 11 attendees (2 sissies). By 7pm there were 12 people. A few more arrived and left for a while, keeping it about that size. Most people left by 10pm but 3 people stayed until the very end.

Hot memories

Friday’s porn theme was “Big boobs porn! Natural, fake, bimbos, titfucking, and more!” This was the first time we tried having a single theme for the entire night. The RSVPs were 15% more straight than Saturday. Was it my imagination or was the vibe very different Friday? It seemed more straight (less buddy stroking) but much more enthusiasm about the porn. Not that there wasn’t any buddy-stroking, there was a lot. I counted 3 blowjobs (but there were probably more) and one amazing frotting session that everyone enjoyed watching.

Saturday’s porn didn’t have a theme, but the playlist I had included a lot of hypno and trans porn. There were many more hj’s and bj’s including at least one of each by first-timers. Congrats!

Other things that happened:

  • “Getting a sloppy toppy for about 15 mins STRAIGHT on my ringed up cock n balls” (Reported by someone on Discord)
  • A younger sissy having his first hj from a guy (she later said it was the first time anyone had touched her penis).
  • An enthusiastic FTM trans man giving an extended bj to someone in the livingroom while others watched.
  • Someone commented they’re craving cock, but have to leave in 30 minutes. I suggested they “go down the line” and offer everyone a BJ one at a time. Their eyes lit up and they sucked until they had to go.
  • At least 3 guys took turns with the Fleshlight. 2 of them cleaned it before using it.
  • 2 straight guys frotting in the livingroom. They stood up, went cock-to-cock, and stroked with 2 hands as if it was one big cock. They kept pumping and moaning. One of the 2 guys talked dirty (super hot!) and eventually they came. Everyone watched!

Feedback Survey Results!

Yes, I really do a “post-party satisfaction survey” after the party. I use people’s comments to improve future parties.

People that RSVP’d but didn’t attend got a different set of questions. The trend was that non-attendees either “got nervous and decided not to attend” or “Something came up!”. One person reported that he didn’t show up because of body image issue: was afraid he was too hairy. Dude, I assure you that there were a LOT of hairy guys at the party. I hope you attend a future event!

9 people that attended completed the survey. They gave the Friday party 4.33 stars (all 4’s and 5’s) and Saturday got a slightly slower score of 3.9 stars (lowest score was 3).

“What did you LIKE about the PARTY?”

  • How nice everyone is, and how well organized the event was.
  • The guys there were super chill and we were all talking and laughing. Super comfortable.
  • Good selection of porn
  • It was nice to be around people with the same desire to just goon out. I liked looking around and seeing all the cock stroking.
  • Well run and organized and close to public transit. Attendees were all respectful and low pressure.
  • other buds stroking, sucking and helping
  • Chill and respectful atmosphere
  • “There so much I could write about this (I know bc my diary is BURNING). First, the COVID policy gave me so much peace of mind before I even showed up. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find parties that still implement one or even note any kind of policy. Regardless of how heavily it’s enforced, having that noted at (especially during this surge) was awesome! I really enjoyed the wristband policy and the general policy that “this is a party for gooning, light hand and oral play is what’s expected but not much more”. Exactly what I’m looking for! It was so much fun talking about porn and relaxing with other people. It felt really easy to talk to people because the room was covered with things to talk about!”
  • “This was probably one of the first “play parties” I’ve been to where I felt little to no anxiety about socializing. I really enjoyed talking to everyone, even if we’re talking about WWE. The service pup/people pleaser in me I think definitely pushed me to want to check and see, “Are people having a good time, how can I help?”.”
  • Someone wearing a green wristband wrote, “Personally for myself, it was amazing being able to jerk off to completion. I never orgasm at play parties. Having the space and the fuel at this party was amazing! I loved being groped touched and watched, those are absolutely my favorite things. It made me so much hornier and in the mood to reciprocate, and I’m really glad that I did.”

What did you NOT LIKE about the party?

  • The room layout might’ve been a lil clunky but idk what you can feasibly do about that
  • It was a tiny bit cramped.
  • I find it odd when people are just standing around fully dressed and do not participate.
  • The chairs were hard to find a comfortable position on sometimes. And there was one screen that just played the same scene on a loop for a few hours so I stopped watching that screen.
  • Think more bed space/seating would be helpful. Not anything the host can control, but there was less interaction between attendees than I expected.
  • separation of rooms, guys being quiet
  • Honestly, there really isn’t much that I didn’t like. I was supremely comfortable and there was so much offered to increase that comfort. I think the only thing was I walked away wish I had packed some mouthwash, but that’s about it. Everything was covered, at least for me.

Safety and privacy

  • (5 responses) The host did things that made me feel safe/comfortable
  • (5 responses) I felt safe/comfortable the entire time
  • (3 responses) I was nervous at first but I felt safe/comfortable soon after I arrived
  • (2 responses) I was nervous at first but I felt safe/comfortable eventually

How was the porn?

  • (4 responses) I felt over-stimulated (in a good way)
  • (1 responses) Not enough hypno vs. (2 responses) Too much hypno
  • (2 responses) Not enough trans/shemale/ts vs. (1 response) Too much trans/shemale/ts
  • (1 response) Too tame
  • “I liked most of it. If there was something on a screen I wasn’t into, another screen usually had something I liked.”
  • “Was a good mix but think I arrived right as a Hypno/Shemale block was starting which personally is not as much my thing so waited around a bit until that finished up.”

How many times did you cum?

  • (3 responses) Just right!
  • (2 responses) None or “just gooned/edged”
  • (2 responses) Not enough!
  • (1 responses) More than I expected!

Did you interact with other attendees? (check ALL that apply)

  • (5 responses) Talked
  • (4 responses) Wish I had done more!
  • (3 responses) Oral
  • (3 responses) Hand stuff
  • (1 responses) Minimal interaction
  • (1 responses) Exchanged contact info
  • “Folks seemed to be pretty reserved/doing their own thing when I was there. Was good to help easing in as a first timer but hoping to have more interaction next time.”

(P.S. Every survey lists many people saying they wish they had done more. For some reason I find that very hot. I hope you all return to the next party and go for it!)

What did you think of the printed porn captions?

  • (4 responses) They were inspiring
  • (4 responses) They turned me on or made the party better
  • (4 responses) I read some/all of them
  • (1 responses) Read most of them
  • (1 responses) I saw them but didn’t read them (much)
  • “visually appealing but would be fine with or without them”

Anything else you’d like to TELL THE HOST?

  • “Thanks so much for being welcoming and charming! I was super nervous, but you immediately made me feel so comfortable. Comfortable enough to [suck dick].”
  • “Great job organizing and making people feel comfortable as they arrived. Hope there is another one soon.”
  • “Just thank you. The host did a fantastic job.”
  • “keep up the good work”
  • “Thank you for being SUCH AN AMAZING HOST. [I was] absolutely enamored by your whole vibe throughout the night.”
  • “We need to collectively recommend the best lubricants. Some were not as long lasting. I have an order of lubricant on its way to test the quality and longevity. I will bring my own next time.”

(Awww gosh, folks! I’m blushing! The truth is that the attendees are so great they make it easy! You’re the best!)

Where ya from?

The sample size was too small to be relevant, but I’ll say that 60% of those surveyed were from NJ, 40% from NY. Outside of the survey I know there were at least 2 people from outside the NJ/NY area, and 2 people flew into town just for the party!

Next party?

I don’t have a date for the next party but I do know what change I want to make.

I want to assemble a few volunteers to run the party. This shouldn’t be a 1-person operation any more.

I’m looking for:

  • A co-host. Someone to help plan and set up the party. Do you want to learn how to host your own parties? The best way to learn is to co-host once or twice.
  • 2-3 door people. 2-3 people taking turns answering the door would be a big improvement over me answering it all the time. Do you have a friendly and welcoming face? Please apply.
  • A photographer. Of course, no photography is permitted during the party, but I’d love someone to take before and after photos. You don’t have to be a pro!

Interested? DM me on Discord.

I also want to encourage people to host their own parties. It doesn’t have to be as big or with all the screens and decorations. A hotel room and 1-2 buds makes for a fun time. Do what you enjoy and others will find you. If you want to host a party but don’t know how, DM me on discord and I’d be glad to help!

You can find me on the RPM Discord server. Join by clicking here:


This party wouldn’t haven’t happened without the help of others!

Thanks to everyone that completed the survey. Whether you attended or not, your answers really help make future parties even better!

Thanks to the first timers that got the courage to attend.

Thanks to everyone that played, and to those who were shy this time.

Thanks to the repeat attendees. We must be doing something right if people keep coming back!

And lastly, thanks to everyone that attended! These parties are all about you!

Hope to see you at a future party!