Oncbluu is back! You may remember him from the blog post he wrote of his first time attending an RPM party back in July 2022 party . He’s back with his review of the October 2023 party in Edison, NJ

Thanks for the writeup and the kind words, Oncbluu!

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Onblu’s Story

This might be a bit overdue and not really sure if anyone will be interested so long after the event. But it’s only now I’m getting the time to regroup my thoughts on going to Exxxotica & the Meet Up right after.

The last year wrapped up with a very busy schedule and this year is quickly picking up with a lot of work too. But, these experiences can be so intense in the best way and so much can happen that I tend to have a lot of trouble recalling things afterwards (smokers/goon brain lol). So I enjoy having these to come back to myself but I also hope this helps someone, in finding their comfort to attend an event if conflicted or satisfy their fantasy of knowing these events really happen and what they are like.

First off thank god for the stars at Exxxotica, who are nothing short of the kindest people you will meet considering they are spending their whole days being felt up by men who I’m sure are far from “their type” lol. And secondly, thank you to the hosts of the meet up that night.

The two ladies I got to meet were both very attractive. There wasn’t much time spent with one because she headed out for the night, she was very welcoming and inviting. But the other did stay and her body was an amazing addition to stroking in that room this time to be honest.

Her personality was definitely a plus as well, keeping a lightness to the room with her funny comments that also managed to make me stroke even more. The third male host, I had met before and even noticed around the convention as I had made my way around the place.

Although i didn’t get the chance to engage with others, including him, as much this time, it was still exciting to be in the room with someone else who I knew understood who the other gooners in the room were lol.

This was only the second Meet-up I’ve had the chance to attend. The first one more focused on gooners and strokers rather than couples though. So the first thing i will say is when i arrived, there was definitely a level of overstimulation seeing so many people getting off in the room but this time not just men. And after my experience with an event where couples attend as well, I understand there are very different vibes in the room depending on the type of event and you should be prepared for it.

Although I want to get into the meet, I do want to slightly go into the Exxxotica experience because this was my first time at the event and I know, being nervous to go myself, I tried to look up more in detail experiences about attending but finding answers was difficult.


First off the event is pretty kept under wraps, so I was worried arriving in an Uber to a Porn Convention might not be the least awkward time but arriving outside, it just looks like there’s something being hosted there.

A decent amount of arrivals at the time of doors opening but I know for next time, depending on who Im attending for and what times they come out on the floor to meet, I might show up a little later. I could’ve been there an hour or two later and still had caught everything I wanted to. Ended up with a lot of time where i was waiting for more models to arrive or come out on the floor but i was glad i was there to get time to get comfortable in my first time being there and understanding what it’s like to meet with the stars in person before speaking to one of the stars i was specifically attending for.

The space it’s held in is huge and it is definitely baffling walking in and seeing how almost all the space is taken up too. Every corner of the room and with every turn you make, one of the hottest stars you’ll get to see within a couple feet of you and all next to one another. There was a stage and off to the sides of the building, conference rooms with stars and experts having sit downs, interviews and educational seminars of the sorts.

Walking through that area a few times because there was a cleaner bathroom in there and it was interesting seeing some of the stars casually hanging around the area a little more because it was more like a hallway, empty enough to get a breather from the event.

At the very back of the space, there were actually food spots to eat at, which weren’t too bad and definitely priced well for what it was luckily. So I was glad to see that, considering I had arrived at the event so early and was definitely going to need something in my stomach before the meet up.

Speaking to the models, they were all very friendly and open to questions and curiosity about how taking photos works, I’m sure realizing, it was probably my first time there.


In order to take photos with models, you do have to tip and the range was usually starting at $5 then $10 and so on depending on the kind of photo or video you wanted with the model. I will say the prices do get pretty high for certain models too. But, justifiably tbh when you see these girls.

It did seem like a few cam models didn’t mind taking mostly “modest” photos for free though. I still found myself feeling better tipping them though, as they are there working and you will give a cheap vibe asking around for free photos.

Because on the other hand, You could tell there were models there probably getting weary of the free photos if they had both options for free and paid photos. I do think they have the chance of making new fans though who are gonna be watching and sharing their stuff this way.

When it came to the main stars I was there to see, the experiences still feel unreal. I was there for the most part to meet Violet Myers and Angela White :-).

Being there so early did give me the chance to see how exactly things would be arranged for lining up to meet the bigger stars of the day. I can’t imagine a better way for the lines to work but i will say the way things currently go, is somewhat a mess.

There’s a sticker on the floor saying where the line starts and people get behind it and the fans form their own makeshift loose line.

The first line for violet, so long Cutting through a lot of the convention. So there was a lot of constant, people walking through and around the people on the line. You could tell everyone was trying their best to stay aware of their place in line as this would break it up a lot.

In my case, I was maybe in the first 15 people on a line of what had to be maybe 80 people or more. I guess it being early in the day and violet being the first real big name to step out, there were friendly talkative fans on line who were all agreeing to make sure to keep the line in check and also just talking about the plans for the day.

They were even kind enough to explain what the tipping situation was and what it’s like to meet violet.


Each star definitely stays aware of the line they have but also are sure to give a fair amount of attention to each fan. Violet was only five people in and a few guys ahead of me when she was already being tipped to put the guy meeting her on the ground and twerk in his face, going even farther to put her pussy in his face too.

Definitely making sure every guy who is kind, and tips even kinder is rewarded for it.

I do feel like when you approach these stars, be money ready and sure of what you want from them because although sweet, I could see violet was definitely reacting to me coming off shy and that kind of made her approach me shy-ly in a way as well. But also these models are there for you in a way so when you show up and don’t know what you want they’re not sure what to do for you.

Have an idea of what you are going to ask for poses or videos.

For Violet, tips definitely started higher and increased at a more significant rate. Which you could assume probably. Starting more at like $15 and then $25 and so on.

All in all, violet was extremely kind, sweet, and way more petite in person than I expected. Still with that amazing full body of her, she couldn’t be tall enough to be over my chin at 5'9.

Seeing these models in person, only intensifying how fucking huge their tits and asses are compared to their cute small physiques.


The experience of meeting Angela White was not far off from the experience of meeting Violet.

I will note, the unfortunate thing about this event is the guys pulling up to have too good of a time with no self awareness. As there were guys showing up trying to cut in line as they were also drunk. Guys offering to tip to get ahead in line because these lines seriously do get long.

But standing in line with like minded horn-balls, no one was really playing games with any of these guys and all collectively picked up on who was annoying and actually probably just chill guys. Not letting people cut.

Standing just a slight few more people behind than I was for Violet and I could already tell Angela was a model who enjoyed taking even more of her time with her fans. But I’m sure she understands the rarity of the moment which is why. And once it’s your time to have your moment with her, you never want it to end and you’re almost surprised because she seems just as excited as you are to be talking to each other.

I had to be only 20 people behind and in line for maybe almost 1 hr waiting for angela to arrive because the lines were forming the moment the spot was cleared up for a model. Then up to another hr and some time waiting for the 20 people ahead of me to meet her.

The perv in me was wishing she was wearing something as revealing as violet but at the level of success she’s at, I’m sure she knows she doesnt have to slut herself out as much and the money will still come.

Which is also a little unfortunate because this does come into play when it’s time for the photos as well, which happen to be pretty modest too unless you are willing to get pretty far deep into your pockets to pay for anything more. And at that point, you may be the only one doing this because of the pricing, making it rare and making other people want to record or take pictures of your moment with her too just so you’re aware.

/While you’re at this place you kind of get the sense the chances of you ending up in the background of someones photo or somebodys interview are high but hope for editing or cropping magic. I imagine youre not what the attention is on anyways.\

Angela was extremely bubbly with me. I was actually glad she was a little more interested in talking to her fans because I got to share with her how much I love her gooning content and how it got me to meet other strokers. I even let her know I was going to meet with other strokers that very night at the meet. Not getting into specifics but she was curious and I told her that there would just be a lot of stroking and that I was sure a lot of her clips would make appearances. She even asked which goon scene was my favorite. To which I got to answer the scene where she’s jerking off all the gooners in the chairs watching her videos in a room one by one.

And in that moment, recalling how good she looked all covered in cum. I was swooning and getting a little too nervous to keep the conversation going, Also feeling bad about the line, I asked for our photo.

I honestly believe it may have been $20 for me to come up behind angela and have her pull me in snuggly, wrapping my hands around her hips. I wished she pulled my hands up to her tits but things ended there.

Luckily, one of the men I did meet in line, offered to take my photos to which I agreed to take his too. Smart, he just shot photos of the whole interaction then got better photos for the moments we were posing too.

In a cute way, Angela was sweet enough to remember my name and thank me for also taking their photos.

So although the interaction wasn’t necessarily the porn scene you hope for, it does make for an exciting moment to take home with you. it also does put you in perspective for if you were to want to meet these girls again all things considered.

Honestly if I found myself being able to get in line sooner, I could see myself trying to meet her again. With a little something extra in my pockets too of course and also the confidence to ask for what I want.

Your first time there, although i perv over these women, I do realize they are there doing these things consensually and they are not just fuck machines so you dont want to leave a creepy or rude impression on anyone. Acting as if you forget they are real people.

We are just glad we are comfortable enough to be honest about what we are into.


I did also get to unexpectedly meet a MyFreeCams model that i had been following on twitter. I didn’t use the site too much but every now and then through my interests and maybe location searches on twitter, Celina’s account was suggested to me at one point.

It was a pleasant surprise walking by her setup and realizing, “Wait, I know her.”

Even more hot having my first impression of her being made right there, because although following her on twitter, i did not go out of my way to view her content as much.

I asked how much it’d be to take a photo before getting interrupted by the very same drunk guy from Angela’s line again…

Celina was quick to get rid of him in a witty way as we both laughed off how strange he was. Having to deal with that, seemed to definitely make her a little more friendly with me. Asking another person waiting for photos again to take ours mutually, she got in close for our photo with one or two different poses. And she was super sweet and down to earth, making me know for sure my MyFreeCams account was going to get some use now after that meeting.

We’ve spoken on the site since and she seems to always remember me now since we had that memorable moment of dealing with that guy lol.

She mostly cams but is getting into shooting content and I’m excited to see where she goes this year with her career before hopefully seeing her at Exxxotica again as she mentions being from the east coast and wanting to go again.


Around the time I was leaving, the place was slowly wrapping up with still plenty of people around enjoying everything there was to enjoy.

I definitely ended up staying longer than i hoped with the intention of going to the meet after. But it was so hard to pull myself away from being in there, loving every second of being able to walk just a few feet away from where Angela, Violet, or stars like Alex Coal were. Teasing fans for everyone to see.

Definitely wish I had enough to invest the money and time to be there for the Friday of the weekend as well.

You definitely can take it all in, in one day but the post Exxxotica depression is real. as I’m not sure, unless i find more meets, if I will be in environments this huge being so sex positive focused.

Leaving the conference, you may get lucky to be walking out at the same time as some of the stars who attended and it’s almost even more of a treat seeing these sluts outside still waiting to get to their hotels to change out these outfits. I saw a star still half naked outside with her assistant putting on her coat on and just everyone walking out being respectful of her but I’m sure she knew how bad we all just wanted to stand there with her til her ride got there. I regret not asking her for her name but I didn’t want to be rude and just let her night of work be finished.


The hotel was close but far enough that unfortunately not having a car and the area not lending itself to necessarily being the most walking friendly, I did have to uber to the hotel too. Prepared for that, it also gave me time to text the hosts and wait for the information. I do wish I did it sooner though because I did end up waiting outside for a response for some time. Which i understand because how busy things get in that room once things have begun.

I was happy to see this time, it was even easier to not deal with any front desk people and the hotel even seemed a lot less busy so you felt like there were no eyes on you as you made your way through the place. It was easy to find the room and I actually arrived at the same as another stroker. Both shy, we waited for the door to open.

Greeted by the two hosts then the third. I went to the bathroom to get comfortable before stepping out and seeing the room filled with more couples than I expected to be honest.

The room did feel like there was a little more hesitation in the guests. There was a slight awkward feeling for me as I now felt comfortable stroking with the gooners in the room but noticing maybe the couples and just the women not really connecting with that content. So there was reluctance to get into stroking because then it did feel like someone may be watching you goon and find it strange.

No one outwardly shutting anything down but just noticing when people seemed to be less interested in playing when certain things were on screen.

Maybe the goon content and couples content don’t mix as well together, i started to think, unless the people coming are pretty aware of the extent to which goon content goes even if it’s not what they are there to see.

I got myself comfortable in a chair as mostly couples took up the beds. Also when I arrived, someone unfortunately did have to leave to make room and it was a bit of an awkward moment but I hope nothing was taken personally.

Stroking on the chair for a short time, starting to goon out right in front of the screens set up in front of the bed, the three or four couples in the room did start to filter out fairly quickly after me getting there. Which I was somewhat worried about getting there so late from the convention but there were just enough that I could tell it was still fine to be there stroking. Not really there for long though.

So honestly, I could tell the night was wrapping up for the hosts and did begin to feel guilty staying. I joined the last other solo stroker on the bed and stroked beside him, as the host cued up clips, and there was one last couple in the other bed.

Im gooning uncontrollably thinking about the entire day and watching this guy have his girl jerk him off while he watches porn of the models he saw throughout the day.

Throwing out the names of models I had seen as suggestions to the host, making it even more exciting. It wasn’t long before she had him cumming and they wrapped up and left.

I was basically leaking and soon I turned my head to see the other solo stroker, getting himself to bust his load. Similarly, he was quick to clean up and leave.

It was only then i realized i was the last in the room and did feel a little rude being there but stroking with the host, as i now got to watch, the amazing bodied blonde lay in the bed beside me with him as we finished to the last clips. I couldn’t stop stroking.

Eventually busting my load, I was sitting there for a moment just wishing I had found the will in myself to had shown up earlier .

The stroking wouldn’t have stopped there if given more time but I was really grateful the hosts were sweet enough to take things up until the last minute with me even if they had their long exhausting day already with still probably a lot of clean up ahead of them.


So I do want to greatly thank the hosts for this experience again to experiment in a safe space and unique situation. I am also regretful I didn’t have more to contribute to the donations but the conference unfortunately did end up digging deeper into my pockets than expected, on top of the Ubers. I hope enough was donated to at least help in some way because the amount of work that must go into this is not something to let go ignored.

Appreciate the time and money put into making these meets happen.